Desire to Inspire Happenings


This is what I like to call Inspiration Central, where all the latest news and announcements about Desire to Inspire events, happenings, and shenanigans (because there will be shenanigans!) can be found.

2011 Contributor Parade During the entire month of November 2011, each of the nineteen contributors to Desire to Inspire were introduced right here on my blog. A fun Give Away happened with every interview!

Contributor Love Carolyn Rubenstein Christine Castro Hughes Jamie Ridler Mary Anne Radmacher Pixie Campbell Vineeta Nair Liz Kalloch Penelope Dullaghan Christen Olivarez Anne Carmack Tracey Clark Mindy Tsonas Carmen Torbus

2011 Online Book Tour Come with me on a trip around the blogosphere! Direct links to each interview and feature will go up on the date they are posted. For 2012 events, see my Calendar page.

Monday, November 14 Book Excerpt Sneak Preview on Scoutie Girl

Tuesday, November 15 Gypsy Girl's Guide Contributor Post

Wednesday, November 16 Guest Post on Roots of She

Thursday, November 17 Guest Post + Desire to Inspire Give Away on Shutter Sisters

Friday, November 18 (my birthday!) Guest Post on Stories of Conflict and Love

Monday, November 21 60-Second Chapter Snippet + Desire to Inspire Give Away on Maya*Made

Tuesday, November 22 Guest Post on This Every Moment

Wednesday, November 23 Contributor Post + Give Away Goodie in The Wish Studio Live Interview on Mark Lipinski's Creative Mojo. A podcast of the complete program is right here!

Monday, November 28 Guest Post + Give Away Goodie on Simply Celebrate

Tuesday, November 29 Savor & Serve Interview with Jennifer Louden

Wednesday, November 30 60-Second Chapter Snippet + Give Away Goodie with Creative Thursday

Thursday, December 1 60-Second Chapter Snippet with contributor Marianne Elliott

Friday, December 2 60-Second Chapter Snippet with Jessica Swift

Sunday, December 4 60-Second Chapter Snippet + Give Away Goodie on Kelly Barton's Sunday Soup

Monday, December 5 Guest Post + Desire to Inspire Give Away with Karen Maezen Miller

Tuesday, December 6 Guest Post on Do What You Love For Life

Wednesday, December 7 Photo Interview + Give Away Goodie with Traci Bautista

Thursday, December 8 Skype Interview with contributor Kate Swoboda

Friday, December 9 60-Second Chapter Snippet + Give Away Goodie with Contributor Carmen Torbus

Monday, December 12 Interview + Desire to Inspire Give Away with Stephanella Walsh

Tuesday, December 13 Podcast Interview with contributor Jamie Ridler

Wednesday, December 14 Interview with Jen Lee

Thursday, December 15 60-Second Chapter Snippet + Give Away Goodie with Contributor Jennifer Lee

And...The Desire to Inspire Book Launch! See photos from the event here.

Friday, December 16 60-Second Chapter Snippet + Give Away Goodie with My Red Tutu

Monday, December 19 We'll wrap things up with Contributor Carolyn Rubenstein's A Beautiful Ripple Effect