100 Books Project :: Pisa, Italy


{Book #93, left in Pisa, Italy by Book Fairy Suzanne Sperl.}

When you see the date on Suzanne's blog entry about her Book Fairy adventure, you are going to give me a D- for promptness. Here's her lovely story:

I was so honored to be a Book Fairy here in Italy for the lovely Christine Mason Miller. She is pure inspiration and it was a gift to be able to share that with someone over here. 

At first I wondered just where and how I should leave her book. I thought of the obvious  ~at some infamous tourist location ~ but then I worried that these days an unaccompanied package could conjure up feelings of unease and anxiety. So I thought more about it and decided that a cafe would be perfect. They are such a central location for this culture ~ a place where people meet, rest, watch, relax, unwind, or take in a bit of the day; a place for reflection, a place that resonates much with the pace of life here that has taken hold of my heart.

The day was rainy and cold, but I was hanging out with my dear girlfriend and her family, so the weather didn't really matter. In fact, the chill was all the excuse we needed to duck into a little cafe and order a round of hot chocolates (in August??? I know but it WAS chilly!) We decided this was the perfect spot to leave the book to brighten up someone's day ~ a day that may be dimmed otherwise due to the weather. My friend's daughter helped to translate the message on the book into Italian...and we waited....and waited...and waited. Then as we were getting up to leave, our waiter noticed the book as he was clearing the table behind us. "Oh look what someone left behind," he exclaimed (in Italian, of course) but then he read the message on the cover again and gently set the book on his tray and went back into the cafe...smiling. Mission accomplished!


What can I say besides Belllissimo!