The Power of Friendship

 We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming for a very special guest post by author (and Desire to Inspire contributor!) Mary Anne Radmacher. Her latest book is Us! Celebrating the Power of Friendship, which I've been able to take a gander at, and, as always, Mary Anne hits it right on the mark. As someone who is blessed to share a friendship with her, I can tell you that she is the real deal. She has taught me much about the power of friendship.

Friends--with them we’re stronger, smarter, and better than we are alone. In this delightful, beautifully illustrated gift book, writer, artist, and friend extraordinaire Mary Anne Radmacher shares the many ways we celebrate each other. Radmacher has a special way of inviting those who hear or read her words to change their lives. In Us! she continues on that engaging path. With original four-color lettering, art, design, motivational quotes, poems, and aphorisms about the importance of friendship, she offers a funny, sweet, and perfect gift for any occasion. ~ Us! synopsis

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Twelve Things to Remember When a Friend is in an Emotional Crisis

*  Remember that not all challenges have clear or immediate solutions.

*  Remember that it’s your “job” to be a good friend, not to fix their problem.

*  Listen.

*  Listen compassionately without taking sides, placing blame or making it your problem.

*  Resist the urge to tell matching crisis stories (“That happened to me one time and….”)

*  Be willing to just hang out. Be comfortable with compassionate silence.   Let your friend set the tone for action, activity or stillness.

*   Ask questions without offering advice.

*   Offer your opinion or advice when you are asked for it.

*   If you are compelled to offer a solution for consideration, ask first.  “Would you like me to give you my opinion or do you just need me to listen?”

*   Honor and respect their answers.

*   Draw upon your experience together and if it’s possible to truthfully assess that “it gets better” – offer what comfort you can.

*   Listen.  This bears repetition because there are so many different ways to do this – Listen.  Let your friend know you have heard them by mirroring your understanding of what they have said to you.  “It sounds like you are feeling like ____.   Is that what you are saying?”

“When we have a circle of friends, we have more fun. We get more done, we feel and are stronger, and we really do celebrate the power of our ‘us.’” -Mary Anne Radmacher

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