A few weeks ago, Mark Lipinski emailed about interviewing me on his Creative Mojo radio program. He sent me a list of items he needed - which I returned on time (So responsible! So on it!) - and gave me the date and time for my interview. He did a thorough job of explaining how it would work, what we would be discussing, etc. I was invited to talk about my involvement with Art Saves, one of Jenny Doh's most recent extraordinary creations.

I put the interview date and time on every calendar I have, burned it into my brain, and started the day of the interview confident I was ready and excited to talk about Art Saves. The interview was scheduled for Wednesday, November 16 at 4:00pm. ("What time zone?", you ask? Oh don't worry - we'll get to that.)

Fast forward on that day to about, oh, 2:30pm, when I am doing some early holiday shopping. While standing in line to check out, a sudden wave of sheer panic washes over me.

"Holy crap," I thought, "I never double checked the time zone."

So I slowly, hesitantly pull out my cell phone - the secondary number I gave Mark for the call - and sure enough, a call had come through right on time, at 1:00pm PACIFIC STANDARD TIME, which is the same as 4:00pm EASTERN STANDARD TIME, which Mark had clearly specified in the information he sent me. So I did this, because what else could I do?

"No worries!", exclaims Mark the next day, "We'll just move it to next week!" and we both have a good laugh about my space out. I say, "Great! Here's the number for you to call on Wednesday, November 23rd. Talk to you then!"

Fast forward to today, and I am sitting at my computer with the phone, listening to Mark's show. His introduction of me begins - which was all about my time zone space out from the week before - then finishes, and then I hear him say, "Hello? Hello.....? She's not there! Again!"

Let me just stop right here and admit that as I was listening to this, beginning to panic, I actually held up the phone up to my ear - the phone that had not yet rung - and said, "Hello?"

Hilarity then ensues on the radio show about the fact that, once again, I am nowhere to be found, and in the midst of this, I see a message on my phone that the main phone in our house has been unplugged. The main phone in our house is in a room that is now having shelves installed, and the exact thirty-second period of time when our woodworker unplugged the phone was the same thirty-second period of time when Mark was trying to call me.

So I see the message on the phone and I run like a mad woman across the house, race in the room, plug the phone back in while announcing to the woodworker, "I'm supposed to be having a radio interview right noooooooow!" as I race back into the bedroom where the other phone is.

When I ran in, my cell phone was ringing, and so - at long last - I answered! Interview accomplished! Giggles all around!

Who knew a radio interview could inspire such an adrenalin rush? Who knew it could be such a wild and thrilling ride?

* A podcast of today's interview will be available soon, and I'll post a link to it on this page when it's up. In the meantime, I extend my most sincere thanks to Mark Lipinski for his patience, flexibility, and sense of humor! I'll be speaking with him again in January about Desire to Inspire.

Christine Mason Miller

Santa Barbara, CA

Writer * Artist * Storyteller * Guide