What the Quiet Has Inspired

I am here in a moment of quiet. Laundry running, dishes put away, my husband's shirts folded, Tilda fed, plans for dinner ~ takeout pizza from here ~ arranged. It is no longer daytime but not quite evening and, for us wimpy Santa Monica dwellers, it is quite chilly outside. Having threatened rain all day but not really delivered, the sky has a strange brightness to it beyond its grayish-pinkish tones. I hear only the sound of my own breath, the soft tap of my fingers on the keyboard, and the occasional click of the mouse. Other than that ~ perfect stillness. These tiny moments of nothingness have become precious beyond words. Life has been beautifully full, but the near-constant flurry of activity has made checking in on this blog in a quieter way a bit of a challenge. By quieter I mean unrelated to book activity, online events, guest posts, and the like. All of those are wonderful things to share ~ and, wow, there has been so much goodness to share ~ but I have also been wanting to just come here, say hello, and share a few simple thoughts or ideas or dreams or questions. I have wanted to sit in a circle and just share the space, just be with our thoughts, just exist in a pocket of time that requires nothing more of us than whatever we are in that moment.

I have wanted to share that seeing my granddaughter Faryn smile makes my heart almost burst out of my ribcage.

I have wanted to hold a few moments of prayer for all the ways my family is struggling and all the ways we are soaring.

I have wanted to ask you how the year is unfolding for you, and do these days feel like they are slipping through your fingers as quickly as they are for me? I turned down the opportunity to have a solo show this fall because I knew September would be here next week.

I have wanted to know what has inspired you most today, what you are looking forward to most tomorrow.

I have wanted to ask you what it is you feel is missing from your life, or do you feel like everything is as it should be?

I have wanted to try to express how grateful I am for all the kindness and joy and celebration that has been offered to me since the release of Desire to Inspire. I have wanted to tear down the Hollywood sign and rebuild a THANK YOU ten times as big.

I have wanted to share my current reading list, and find out what's on yours.

This is what the quiet has inspired in me this evening ~ curiosity, and gratitude, and a deep, soft breath.