How It Happens

A conversation yesterday:

Her:  "So, how are you? Tell me what's been going on."

Me:  "Each day I'm doing my best not to panic."

Her:  "That sounds about right."

Me:  "But each day is also a great day - really, truly, I am having nothing but great days. It's just that in the midst of it all, I am having to make the effort not to panic."

Her:  "Mmm hmmmmm...."

Panic attack avoidance methods aside, all is quiet on the house-for-sale front. After a slew of showings, the crickets have started chirping, and we're just sitting tight until that perfect buyer walks in. In the meantime, we're getting details in place for the mayhem that will commence once the official papers are signed.

While such stillness is available to me, other progress is being made quietly on larger work-related projects. I am feeling truly appreciative of the gift of living in limbo, as I have time to do things like overhaul my website, explore some new creative directions and take a few road trips here and there. One of my little pet projects is the unveiling of a new weekly email series:

{beauty * light * inspiration} Every Tuesday three lovely morsels will arrive in your mailbox ~ a beautiful image, a quote, poem or passage, and a bit of inspiration from friends, peers and people I've never met but somehow found and fell in love with. No self-promotion, no "newsworthy announcements", just something I'd like to offer. That's all. If you're not already on my email list and would like to be in on the action, send a note to me at with the subject header beauty. They begin tomorrow!

In other news, this note landed in my inbox a few weeks ago:

Hi Christine,
I am a fledgling artist, knitter and realtor.  The only reason for telling you I am realtor is that I was in your house during last Tuesday's Caravan.  I went into the upstairs bedroom and felt like Alice falling down the rabbit hole.  I was transfixed by your bulletin board and didn't realize I had been so captivated until another realtor came in and wondered what I was doing! (I was transfixed.)
So off I went, but stopped to enjoy your artwork by the front door.
The next day I happened to be online, found a magazine about art studios and bought it.  It arrived two days later - a miracle with online purchases - and as I was randomly going through the magazine, again I was transfixed by the art, saw John O'Donohue's name and said to myself, "Anybody who uses his name in their art has got to be special," and upon further "looking" I discovered it was you again!!! Imagine my surprise!!  What does this all mean??? I don't know but something in your bulletin board really speaks to me and I just needed to tell you!  Lisa in Santa Monica

Turns out, it meant we were supposed to have coffee and be immediately crazy about each other. As we were saying good-bye, she shared that she was worried I, or my husband, would think she was a weird stalker, but I assured her that no, this is the way it all happens.