Ten Things


Since I've been so out of the loop lately while our family is here from Detroit, I thought I'd shake things up a bit and offer a Ten Things list today. Only today's list isn't a selection of links or books or websites, but of some of my favorite moments from the last two weeks with a full house.

1. Watching Wizard of Oz on a crowded, cozy couch with Tilda asleep at our feet.

2. Tilda taking her first swim in the ocean - so far she's just waded - with all of us cheering her on.

3. In the car, driving home from dinner with the three kids:

Zain, age 8:  (chatting up a storm)

Sukayna, age 10:  "Zain, how about you've been talking the entire drive home?"

Zain:  (without missing a beat) "I know, right?"

4. Sukayna, week one:  Afraid of Tilda, never going near her. Sukayna, week two:  Tilda wanders up to lick her toes, and she giggles, petting her on the head.

5. Eating apricots right off the tree in our yard with Sukayna and her mom.

6. Town Hall Bingo in our kitchen, where the bubble prizes weren't that exciting, but the Kermit the Frog Pez Dispenser Grand Prize was eagerly sought after in a very intense final showdown between Sukayna and her brother Kareem.

7. Cannonball competitions in the pool.

8. The way Zain looks up at his Uncle L, puts his arm on his shoulder and says, "Uncle Larry, you're a good man."

9. Kareem and Zain playing keep away with Tilda and her ball, and usually losing.

10. Me working in my studio, all three kids hanging out. Just hanging out, that's all.

Christine Mason Miller

Santa Barbara, CA

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