I need to invest in the makers of sunscreen, because I'm using a lot more these days. Things that could have easily been done in Santa Monica - walking on the beach, riding my bike to yoga (or even going to yoga) - well, they just weren't done that often. I usually chalked this up to "too many other things that need to get done", but there were also issues like parking and traffic and how much time it would take to get from point A to point B. I did a lot of running around and going places, but I certainly didn't need to douse myself in SPF 30 before walking out the door. In Santa Barbara, I now keep sunscreen and a hat in my car at all times. I wear tank tops everyday and flip flops more than anything. It is summer, yes, so all of this shouldn't come as any great surprise, but I have a deep appreciation for these little details that are now making regular appearances in my day to day. It is summer, and I'm reveling in it, in a way I wouldn't be able to do in Santa Monica.

The long stretches of my childhood summers spent in Oklahoma with my grandparents were exercises in how to spend as much time as humanly possible outside and in or near water. I always had swimming lessons, loved the community pool and even, as documented in today's photo collection, created an impromptu Slip N' Slide with a few of my grandma's vinyl table cloths. A few of the neighborhood kids joined in my shenanigans and we clearly had a great time with it. Vinyl table cloths and a garden hose - that was all we needed for an afternoon of fun. It always comes down to the simplest things, and as I get settled into this new home and environment I look to that truth everyday. It doesn't take much to feel alive and experience the bright, glowing flame of existence and being.


Now that I've finally gotten this new site up and running (although still with a major glitch regarding images on former blog posts) I am headed north to Big Sur for a week, well out of internet range. I'll be back with much to share. Until then, I'll leave you with this...

Conversation in the Mountains If you were to ask me why I dwell among green mountains, I should laugh silently; my soul is serene. The peach blossom follows the moving water; There is another heaven and earth beyond the world of men.

~ Li Po

Christine Mason Miller

Santa Barbara, CA

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