>>> August 23, 2012 Audio Diary:  click here <<<

I am currently camped out in our guest bedroom in Santa Monica - in that house of ours that still hasn't sold. We are still in the process of clearing things out, and this weekend will be the big final push to empty every room, crevice and corner, so, as it usually was around here, this week is a hectic one. It is a typical LA cocktail - a few lunch dates, a couple of appointments and errands, a birthday party, and time with my lovely granddaughter. In between all that, a final packing up of items still tucked in cabinets and under sinks and more paperwork to sign. I wrote out my schedule for tomorrow and every hour is spoken for. Same thing for Friday, ditto on Saturday. Many things still need our attention down here; for as long as our name is on the title of this house, this is how it will be.

I created a short, just over two-minutes recording tonight - a tiny snippet of my day, shared in my voice rather than through my keyboard. I guess I can call it an experiment of sorts. Rather than create scripted stories with sound effects and whatnot - a project that would certainly end up taking far more time than I might think - I want to keep this experiment as un-precious as possible. I am not going for perfect or fully flushed out or even especially organized. I just want to start sharing little pieces of my day in a new way, in a way that pulls me at least a little bit out of my comfort zone. Because why not? Let's see where it wants to take me....

"All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better." ~Ralph Waldo Emerson