Because sometimes the desire to sit in a room with my grandparents and listen to their stories is so fierce I think I might lose my mind.

Because sometimes, despite their passing, I feel them almost everywhere I go.

Because in this unexplainable, inexplicable presence I know we are actually closer to each other than ever.

Because I know not what tomorrow will bring. Or today, for that matter. I have no idea, actually. None.

Because I like being known for my laugh - for its volume and ease, for all the moments when it lets loose without reservation.

Because I still can't believe the beauty and abundance and love that my tiny little life holds.

Because forgiveness is the only answer.

Because anything that I allow to get in the way of joy is my own damn fault.

Because I don't know the answers, really, and I'm not meant to.

Because every morning I have the opportunity to begin again, to try something new, to take a different route.

Because there isn't another soul on earth that is responsible for my life. Only me.

Because the birds are going to sing their song and build their nests whether or not I bother to notice them.

Because I love my family. Because I can't live without my friends.

Because life  is complicated and simple, easy and arduous, silent and deafening, going too fast but not soon enough.

Because t is everything at once and nothing in particular.

Because t is what we make it; it is how we choose to look out into the world every day and into our own wild souls every evening.

Because now is all I've got, and I'm determined to take it for everything it has to offer.

Christine Mason Miller

Santa Barbara, CA

Writer * Artist * Storyteller * Guide