She's a Pro

Inspiring goodness from author Kimberly Wilson

Inspiring goodness from author Kimberly Wilson

Dear Diary,

Last night I got to do one of my favorite things in the world - create an inspiring, twinkly gathering in celebration of a friend's new creation. The oh-so lovely Kimberly Wilson is currently in the midst of a cross-country book tour extravaganza, traveling in the colorful comfort of a vintage RV she restored and decorated. Her new book Tranquilologie: A DIY Guide to Everyday Tranquility is one of many extraordinary expressions of Kimberly's wisdom, joy and style, and we all gathered last night to learn firsthand what this book is about - creating, finding and nurturing tranquility on a daily, weekly and monthly basis with tips, tricks, tools and checklists (not to mention lovely illustrations.) This is Kimberly's fourth book, which exists alongside, oh, a few other things - a clothing line, a yoga studio, a foundation. And she is just about the loveliest, sparkliest woman you'll ever meet - kind, gracious, insanely charming and, as if that weren't enough to make you want to snip a strand of her hair and put it in a locket around your neck to try to absorb some of that goodness by osmosis, she's also a pro. She's a pro because within about five seconds of me showing her the living room where the gathering would be, she had transformed it into a tranquility wonderland with twinkle lights, fabric garland and piles of goodies on everyone's chair. And she's a pro because she had cute signs, paper straws and plenty of her favorite pens for signing her books. But here's the real reason why she's a pro...

Imagine sitting in front of more than a dozen women you've never met, in someone's home that you've never visited, sharing personal stories and reading from your brand new book. Now imagine that throughout much of your time on center stage (in this case, our couch), there was a 60+ pound chocolate lab jumping on the couch to be next to you. But this chocolate lab didn't just want to sit quietly like an adorable prop, no, this chocolate lab wanted to roll around, bury her head under the couch cushions and basically ham it up as much as a chocolate lab can do (which, it turns out, is quite a lot.) Imagine this lab trying to coerce your adorable black pug Louie into playing - not off in another room, but right in the middle of everything, which includes a low, round coffee table with a tablecloth that touches the floor from which your books can easily be knocked off. Imagine that lab going under the tablecloth and peeking her head out just enough so that the tablecloth drapes over her face like she's a wild-eyed gypsy who likes to pant. Imagine all of that! Here you are - the star of the show - and there's this DOG who is doing everything she possibly can to completely steal your thunder. 

Yep, that was my my dog. That was Miss Tilda. 

After watching these escapades and feeling slightly mortified, I eventually reached a point of surrender. And when I was able to slide onto the floor and quietly wrestle my dog to sit next to me while Kimberly led a series of seated yoga exercises, I had to laugh. And I had to admire Kimberly's ease with it all. Lucky for me she's a dog lover - my Tilda and her Louie had a great time together - but still, how many of us would be able to withstand the force of a chocolate lab nicknamed The Tank right next to you on a soft couch with such grace, such calm, such lightness?

Like I said, she's a pro, and her book? Ridiculous.  I want to whip it up in my VitaMix and eat it, it's that delicious.

Christine Mason Miller

Santa Barbara, CA

Writer * Artist * Storyteller * Guide