Rose Petal Kisses


In the spirit of Amy Krouse Rosenthal's work, 18 bloggers set out to "Plant a Kiss" in the world on April 29. We each did something we thought would spread a little extra joy, color, connection, poetry, or magic in the world. Then we watched to see what would happen! Today all of us are posting about that experience. Visit Simply Celebrate, where you can find links to all of the participating bloggers and hop around to see how each woman was uniquely inspired to celebrate Plant a Kiss Day.

Spring is upon us, and the flowers in our garden are celebrating, our roses in particular. I  recently picked a few on a Tuesday, and by the time I returned for more on Thursday, dozens of buds had sprung open like popcorn. Color dotted the area - pale pink and yellow, deep red, paper white and a color that exists somewhere in the pinkish-goldish bands of light as the sun sets. I go out almost everyday now, and return with a basket full of stems I inhale like an addict.

This weekend we held a music recital in our home. My husband is a violinist, and plays chamber music with other pianists, violists, and cellists. After weeks of rehearsals and planning, the day arrived and our home became a bustling hub of activity - re-arranging furniture, setting up chairs, picking up food, and printing out programs. I also created a sign directing our guests towards our front door. If you came to our house, you wouldn't come knocking on our front door; you would actually be surprised to see that the front of our house faces completely away from our usual entrance, which is the kitchen door that everyone comes to from the driveway. But the front of our house has a particular kind of beauty - the wide porch of this 100-year old farmhouse is the reason we fell in love with it, and we wanted our guests to begin their afternoon with us by taking the steps up to our porch and through the squeaky screen door.

So I created a sign on a chalkboard, leaned it against a big hunk of wood, and then looked down the grassy area everyone would be following before they reached the stone path that led to the front. I then looked up at all the dozens of small, white roses in our yard and an idea sparked, so I got to work.

After the performances, as guests were mingling and chatting, one person after another came up to me and said, "I loved the roses....thank you."

How often do we get to follow a path of rose petals toward whatever destination we're trying to reach? And how often do we get to create such a path for our friends, our family and visitors to our home? Another thing you'll understand about this home is that we love taking care of our guests. If you've been visiting my blog for the past few years, you've read the stories of all the activity that goes on under our roof. Our joke is that we run a Bed & Breakfast. This creates a lot of laughter, a lot of laundry, and also a lot of opportunities for small acts of creative expression, which I pounce on in the same way Tilda goes after her ball - with a little leap of joy at the life's simple pleasures. 

Not so long ago, someone planted roses all around this house, and by the time we came along they were settled in, happy and thriving. Thanks to that gardener, I was able to plant a little string of kisses in the form of rose petals on the path to our front door. For our guests, little tokens of welcome, and for me, little morsels of joy.

Christine Mason Miller

Santa Barbara, CA

Writer * Artist * Storyteller * Guide