There are so many times when I delude myself into thinking I've figured a few thing out, and then I realize, "Um, I actually still need a lot of practice before I'll get this right, and even then I'm sure I'll lose my way sometime in the not-so-distant future." What is one of the things I love to say - you are enough? Right, that one. My favorite one. The one I think all of us need to hear more than anything else.

You are enough. You are doing enough.

This was the mantra that has been guiding me over the past couple of weeks as I pull together, create, organize and fine-tune the content I'm creating for Brave Girl University. When I first opened their beautiful invitation to teach, my thought was, "There's no way I'll be able to meet their first deadline." With travel plans, house guests and the usual unexpected re-arrangements in my calendar (which last week involved a spontaneous 3-day visit from my stepdaughter and granddaughter, necessitating my having to put my work aside for, you know, time in the teepee, ice cream outings and hula hoop lessons), I initially envisioned a state of "super super busy" that falls under my category of Instant Bad Mood.

But when I looked closer at my calendar, I realized I could probably pull it off, although doing so would require me to be especially mindful of that word enough. Knowing my tendency to feel like I have to "go big or go home", I accepted Melody's invitation aware that this entire experience would either be totally fun or a frazzled mess depending on my willingness to say, "This is enough."

I've submitted my first lesson - or chapter, as I like to call it - ahead of schedule, and I was able to get that done because I kept myself focused. When I started working on future chapters, I immediately pulled myself back to the first one. When I was working on the smaller lessons within the first chapter, I finished the content for each of them before moving on to the next. Staying focused on one piece of this puzzle at a time meant I removed the risk of ending up with a big pile of half-finished items, then having to scramble to complete them, organize them and send them where they needed to go.

What was my idea when I first sat down to map out my offering? Five chapters.

How many did I just submit? One chapter.

That first chapter is about Dreaming Big, but what you'll soon discover if you decide to come along for the ride, I actually have an even bigger passion for Dreaming Small. I love dreams that are literally on the diminutive side, and I see our "big dreams" as nothing more than a series of "small dreams", all strung together like a colorful flower garland. 

Soulful, Practical, Possible - my offering for Brave Girl University - is starting off small, with just one chapter available on the day they launch September 1st. And that is enough. With so many other AMAZING teachers and courses to choose from, I know you'll have plenty to keep you inspired until I submit the next bite-sized offering, and the next, all of which will be enough.

SAVE YOUR SPOT, and I'll see you in September!

Christine Mason Miller

Santa Barbara, CA

Writer * Artist * Storyteller * Guide