The Conversation Continues

In 2014, I created The Conscious Booksmith with the lovely women of Animyst, and we've had the most beautiful time encouraging hundreds of aspiring authors ever since our first offering. If you're familiar with this project, you'll know it was inspired by my own experience of trying to write a memoir. After many years of fits and starts, I finally got myself organized and committed, and out of that came The Conscious Booksmith.

The memoir, Moving Water, is about to start shipping, and the experience of bringing it to life has been an extraordinary ride. While The Conscious Booksmith does a great job of covering the basics of creating a book from start to finish, there is so much more I want to share now that the book that inspired the course is finished and out in the world. 

With that, I'd like to introduce The Conscious Booksmith Journal - a new weekly podcast inspired by my experience of writing Moving Water. I'm so excited to share more stories, conversations and interviews with you, and appreciate you being along for the ride.

The first official episode will be posted this Thursday, January 12th. Until then, happy writing.