About This Blog

I started my first blog around 2004, before blog platforms were mainstream. At the time I called it an online journal, unaware of the tidal wave of change that was coming in the digital world. By the time 2006 arrived, blogging was a bona fide thing, and I relished the opportunity to share my artwork and connect with other creative kindreds. I had already been a creative entrepreneur for a decade when all of this came about, and I appreciate how I was able to build my business without having to devote any attention to social media.

Today it is possible to share my work, thoughts, musings, and other creative expressions on an overwhelming myriad of social media and digital platforms. After having gone through the typical rotation of the most popular of these options over the years—WordPress, Etsy, Flickr, Facebook, and Twitter—I’ve scaled way back to only two platforms. I have my website and I’m on Instagram, and that’s it. It feels manageable and meaningful; through each of them I can share what I’m up to and noticing and creating.

My website has been redesigned for 2019 and I’m going old school. The focus is on my blog, where I’ll be posting more frequently than I have in years. I’ll be sharing a new weekly essay series—Rules for a Mindful Life—and sharing other inspiring tidbits I find here and there.

I appreciate you taking a look.

March 26, 2019 Update >>> 2019 is turning out to have other plans for me, which compels me to take a much more minimalist approach to all things digital for the foreseeable future. Click here for more details.