100 Books Project :: Colorado Springs

  The lovely Sharon Gunn McMahon had this to share about her journey with Book #88 in Colorado Springs:

Part One ~

Hi Christine! I have been so excited about getting to be a Book Fairy, and I love the cards you sent with the book, too! Thank you!!

I placed the book in my most inspiring location,then went on a family picnic.

After two hours it was starting to rain, so my daughter and I checked on it and it was still there, so we saved it from the rain. Someone had peeked inside the paper, but then left it.

SOOooo - I am waiting for another brilliant stroke of inspiration on where to leave it more successfully... Thank you for letting me be a part of this project!

Part Two ~

So - after much soul searching and locale-exploring I was at the library.  They had a lovely art show going on in the gallery.  I enjoyed the art and then was struck by a sudden urge - a feeling that this was the place to leave the 88th book from the 100 Books Project.

I set the book on a bench, took a couple of pictures, and left hoping and praying that the "right person" would be along shortly.  Hopefully we will hear something soon!

Thank you Sharon! I imagine the book found a place in someone's home pretty quickly!

100 Books Project :: Santa Fe

Why do I love this project so much? Because it gives people the opportunity to follow their intuition, which is what the amazingly talented Kelly Kilmer did in Santa Fe, New Mexico with Book #83. The entire story is right here, but here's an excerpt to get you going: "The nice thing about spending three hours with someone standing and walking around a cell phone store is that you can do a lot of talking with each other. I had pondered for days over where I would leave the book. I asked friends and family where they thought I should leave it. I wanted the book to go somewhere special, to be found by someone who would get it, by someone who needed it. The more Krista and I talked, the more I got this swelling sensation that I needed to give the book to Krista. Krista was the one who needed it right now more so than anyone else in Santa Fe.

I started blabbing to her about the project. I asked her if she had read the latest issue of Somerset Studio and if she had seen the article on Christine's book project. I asked her if she had the book, if she knew Christine's work. She said that she was familiar with her work but that she didn't have the book. I started telling her how inspiring the book was to me and how it was one of my favorites. I told her that I thought that every artist needed a copy of it and how it had pulled me out of some dark days and made me think differently.

Krista was surprised when I asked if I could give the book to her. I explained that after our talk, I felt that she was the one who I was supposed to give the book to. I knew that as an artist, she would get it. She smiled and was extremely humble (and yet very excited) about accepting it. I suggested that when Krista was finished with the book that she could pass it on to others who she felt may benefit from reading it. After all, it is the kind of book that you gain a lot from and immediately want to share the experience with others."

Thank you so much Kelly!!

100 Books Project :: Sierra Madre, CA

[Book #81 was left at the Mater Dolorosa Retreat Center in Sierra Madre, CA.]

I wish I had a better photo to show the beautiful spot where Book #81 was placed, but I was apparently not especially organized the day I attended one of Karen Maezen Miller's Mother's Plunge retreats this past June.  Nevertheless, I placed the book when I arrived that morning, and then was able to catch a glimpse of a lovely woman named Laura when she discovered the book.  I did not see her find it, but walked by as she was reading it, and was thrilled to see her take it with her back into the retreat after lunch.  I did not approach her or tell her I had left it there for her, as I felt like it would interrupt the flow of the day.  I also did not want to take any focus away from our lovely hostess, Karen Maezen Miller. But a few days later, I received the most loveliest of emails.  Here is an excerpt:

"Hi Christine,

My name is Laura. I was attending the "Mothers Plunge" retreat with Karen Maezen Miller this past Saturday at the Monastery in Sierra Madre.

The package was left in a space at the monastery that looked like a mini pavilion for a statue but there was no statue. I'm curious by nature and I was checking the space for signs of it's previous use. I saw the package propped up at the back of the base and went to investigate. I read the writing on the package and looked all around me - doubting that it was really a gift for me. Just as quickly, my mind wrapped around the idea that yes indeed the universe wanted to give me more and I took the package and sat down.

I haven't even read the book yet. I'm still processing the retreat with Karen. But I just know on a very deep level that this book and your message are definitely meant for me to help me on my journey.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for my gift.


Thank you Laura!

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