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[Book #11 :: Bath, United Kingdom, August 19, 2009 and Book #12 :: Bristol, U.K., August 24, 2009]

I am happy to report that I have a lot of catching up to do from various points across the globe on the 100 Books Project.  I hereby vow to get this blog fully up-to-date before I send anymore books out into the world.  Today I give you the U.K. and Ireland, and a huge thanks to two lovely Book Fairies.

The lovely Susannah Conway took charge of two books this summer, and here are her Book Fairy snippets:

August 20, 1009:  Book #11 was set free!  Yesterday was a gloriously sunny day, as it has been for the last few days, so i ventured out into Bath with my pal Angie, and we found the perfect spot:  The suitably swirly table & chairs outside an Italian restaurant, next door to the Jane Austen Centre in Gay Street.  The restaurant was closed for the afternoon, so i hope someone lovely found the book. Of course it is just my luck that today it has poured with rain like a freakin monsoon, so i am now PRAYING someone picked the book up yesterday :)

August 24, 2009:  Book #12 has been set free..... in Bristol. i found the perfect spot for her (your book is female) outside a lovely shop in the artsy quarter of the city.

Another Book Fairy - the Lovely Leana May - made a spur of the moment offer to take a book along with her on a journey to Ireland, so I raced to the post office and got it to her just in the nick of time.

[Book #23:  Trinity College, Dublin, August 27, 2009]

August 27, 2009:  I had so much fun trying to decide where to leave the book!  I decided to be traditional and leave it at a well known spot.  I picked Trinity College.  Due to the rainy weather and constant stream of tourists I tried to leave it in a place that a "local" would be more apt to come across it.  At first I thought near the Book of Kells, but decided to leave it near the Conservatory next to a covered pillar. 

No word from anyone who stumbled upon these books, but that's OK.  These books are meant to have stories that are multi-layered.  Connecting with Book Fairies, leaving books in hidden places, wondering what it might be like for someone to find them...there's so much to enjoy here.

The 100 Books Flickr Page is up-to-date, and I've created an entry with a 100 Books Master List.