The story about a bottle of Dom Perignon...

My husband and I had been given a bottle of Dom Perignon as a housewarming gift, and as soon as we received it we put it in our refrigerator and saved it for "the perfect time." Many weeks later, on a boring ole' Sunday night, my husband roasted a chicken and pulled the bottle out for us to enjoy. It wasn't our anniversary and we weren't celebrating a birthday. Heck, it wasn't even Flag Day. It was just a Sunday, but it immediately became a very special evening as soon as we decided the perfect time for us to enjoy our fancy bottle of champagne was right then and there.

I shared this story in my book Ordinary Sparkling Moments, and it was everyone's favorite. So I'm pulling it out again today because I feel the same way right now, with everything multiplied by a thousand.

No, I'm not writing to you today to tell you about another bottle of champagne, but to announce the release of my new book, Moving Water, even though I have to admit I'm not entirely convinced the timing is actually "perfect."

How can I think of releasing a book when it feels like the world has too many other things to deal with that are way more important? Will it become clear to me why this is the perfect time at some point in the future? Am I doing the right thing?

I have to be honest: I don't know the answers to these questions, but I am choosing to trust this book. I am choosing to stay on path and continue heeding the call to share these stories. Even though our world feels especially messy right now, and everyone seems particularly distracted and stressed out, today is the day. Moving Water, a memoir about my journey from believing I didn't belong in a family to the realization that breaking through that belief was my most important spiritual work, is here:

Here's the scoop on Moving Water:

  • Moving Water is in the publishing pipeline right now, and will begin shipping in January.

  • You can pre-order a signed copy on my website right here.

  • If you'd like to give the book as a holiday gift, I will send you a handwritten card letting your loved one know a signed copy is coming to them in the new year.

  • The book will be available on Amazon soon after the books start shipping.

  • FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING through 12/31/16.

More details about Moving Water are right here. If you feel inspired to help spread the word about the pre-orders, please visit my Moving Water Press Kit. This is an independently-published book, and I'll be working hard to help it gets where it wants to go. Any support and encouragement you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

My work is now about being of service to Moving Water and getting it into the hands of whoever needs it. In this big, weary world of ours, perhaps it can be a light to others, one that encourages forgiveness and healing. I'll be talking a lot about this in the months to come, and I look forward to sharing more stories with you.

Our first official Moving Water interview - with the oh-so sparkly Kimberly Wilson - is now live! Click here to listen.