I am excited to invite you to join me for The Conscious Booksmith: A Mindful Approach to Creating Your Book! This thoughtfully created e-course - a collaboration with the beautiful Jen Gray and Michelle Madden-Smith of Animyst - is a guide for aspiring authors and book-makers. It is filled with tools and inspiration designed to support the creation of a comprehensive book plan reflective of your values, priorities and ideals.

We've gathered two Conscious Booksmith communities since we first launched in 2014, and it has been an honor to see where the members of our Conscious Booksmithers alumni have gone since taking our course. A few have finished and self-published their book, one took the tools we offered and put them to work on her first women's retreat, one of our writers was recently invited to be a regular blogger for a Disney website, and one author is currently negotiating her first bona fide book contract.

"As I watched the videos and read the offerings, a little voice kept saying over and over again, 'I think I am starting something that is going to be a defining moment for me in my life's work.' I am in awe at all the little things that aligned to open the door and space for me to enter this moment!"
{Becky Uffman Eldredge, Spiritual Director and Retreat Leader}

This course is for you if you...

  • Have a book idea! Regardless of the stage you're in, The Conscious Booksmith has something to offer!
  • Are self-motivated and looking for some practical tools to get your ideas organized and clarified.
  • Need support in either of the three main areas of making a book real - organizing, writing and publishing.
  • Are interested in learning about the book creation process.
  • Think you want to write a book, but want to understand more about what it involves.

Registration is OPEN with Early Bird pricing!