The Conscious Booksmith - Live Retreat

June 23 - 26, 2016 | Ojai, California


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The 2016 Conscious Booksmith circle. Photo taken by Meredith Klein.

The 2016 Conscious Booksmith circle. Photo taken by Meredith Klein.

I've had the honor of working with two online communities of inspiring, aspiring authors with The Conscious Booksmith: A Mindful Approach to Creating Your Book, and am thrilled to share this invitation to work on the course material in a whole new way.

Whether you are just beginning to consider an idea for a book, are deep in the writing process or looking to pull together existing content, this retreat is a great way to kick your visions and plans to write a book into high gear.

"I want to say a deep thank you to Christine Mason Miller for offering such a useful and beautiful course. It feels like something we are all so ready for and I am grateful to have her guidance as a light down this path."
-Mary Beth, Conscious Booksmith alumni

The intention for the Conscious Booksmith retreat... to provide time, space and tools that enable you to visualize - in detail - a future where your book is real, so that by the time we part ways, it is not an ending, but a magnificent beginning. Knowing where you want to go, with your map in hand and an armload of provisions, you'll take your first steps towards the manifestation of the book inside you. Your book.

"I'm so grateful to Christine and this course for getting me unstuck. I've been so overwhelmed with the process of tackling my next draft that I had basically ground to a halt. Within the first three days of this course, I had major plot breakthroughs. I'm actively working on my book again! I'm so excited and joyful when I talk about this course that my sister just told me she thinks this is one of the best things I've done."
-Matteson, Conscious Booksmith alumni

We start working on your book idea before we gather

We start working together before we gather - getting acquainted with your book idea and talking about what you are most needing from this experience, guidance and community. By getting a head start during the weeks leading up to the retreat, we'll be able to really hit the ground running and dive right in!

"I am so grateful to BE here now (as Ram Dass would say.) I've had so much movement and new energy infused into my book project and life. I love that these two things - book project AND life - have been held together in balance. I'm so, so grateful!"
-Heather, Conscious Booksmith alumni

Together, we'll explore an array of topics related to the book creation process, including (but not limited to!) bookbinding techniques, collaboration, core values, rejection and, you know, writing. You'll go home with your own unique Vision Book - a handcrafted, custom made guide book to the extraordinary landscape of your book. Bring your book idea, energy and passion and let's start mapping out how you can make your book come to life.

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