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The Conscious Booksmith :: Episode 6

You know the gremlins - those pesky little voices that tell us we can't or shouldn't or don't have a chance. Whatever your medium - painting, writing, collaging - those gremlins love trying to stop creative ideas and visions in their tracks. They are servants to resistance and earn medals of honor every time they convince one of us to sabotage our own efforts before we've even tried.

The good news is that we don't have to give in to them and they don't have to win. And if you have created anything in your life, you already have experience learning how to keep them at bay. The next step is to keep going.

In today's episode I'm talking with David Limrite, a passionate artist, teacher and mentor who knows how to distill the most common blocks we creatives face to their bare essence. I know you're going to love what he has to share.

Have a listen right here.

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