Christine Mason Miller

Engineering Creative, Inspiring Spaces since 1995

Current Offerings


Come sit by the fire loves, cocooned in friendship with a coven of imaginative, inspired, luminescent butterflies. Relax or get wild, lay your sweet head down and rest, or create and explore, sing a song with the rest of us welcoming fireflies. You belong here.

Stay tuned for details on the Wild Roots * Sacred Wings 2015 retreat schedule. Our first announcement is coming September 15th.

Organizing Retreats and Gatherings has been a passion of Christine's for many years. Christine has coordinated group gallery shows, art workshops, private retreats, book release parties, and writing circles, is one of the co-founders of Matrilumina, and has facilitated sold-out retreats at Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California. She is always scheming for ways to bring soulful wild women community together.

Notes From the Rocket began in March 2012 at a small typewriter shop in Amherst, MA.  After bringing home a green 1940s Hermes Rocket, the first Note was posted online - "Leap into this day, for it won't come again" - and soon became an almost-daily ritual, with small offerings of observations and wisdom. Keep up with Notes From the Rocket on Instagram and NotesFromTheRocket.NET.


Christine is one of ten featured artists in Indie Kindred - the documentary film by Jen Lee that explores the possibility and potential of creative collaboration. Watch the trailer and stay updated on screenings, events and the forthcoming DVD release.

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