I cannot tell you how to forgive; I can only tell you it is possible to forgive. Right here. Right now.

I cannot prove you are worthy of love and joy and goodness. I can only say YOU ARE, because you are a child of God.

I cannot tell you saying yes to your dreams will make your life easier. I can only tell you that every step taken in service to your deepest YES will create a ripple of inspiration that will spread farther than you will ever know.

It is the YES that shines the light and lifts the world, not the final outcome.

I can tell you that the more deeply we love, the more profoundly we will grieve should that love ever end. But the greater loss lies in any effort made to avoid that grief by trying to love less, for those opportunities will never come again.

I have no instructions for how to release your attachments to the stories you think define you beyond this: Let go. Right here. Right now.