The thing I love most about my job is...

...being able to meet, discover, learn about, get to know and work with so many amazing, inspiring souls. My collaborative projects have provided the most meaningful and transformative experiences I've enjoyed as a creative entrepreneur, and I've partnered with friends and colleagues to create books, art shows, license partnerships, retreats, classes and workshops.

I've also personally mentored and guided a lot of creative kindreds, and I love - I mean LOVE - taking the raw material of a dream, idea or vision and arranging it in a way that enables the person in front of me to see how do-able and achieve-able it is. In other words, I don't approach these relationships by considering myself as the "expert" or even the "teacher." I am more like a midwife whose passion, intention and task is to help pull forth what is already there, ready to emerge.

Imagine this:  A space is provided for you to let your dreams and ideas spill forth. Nothing needs to be perfect, pretty or even altogether logical. What matters is that you let it all flow, and don't try to edit a thing. From there, I'll dive into some intuitive detective work, pulling out threads, themes and details. You spill, I sift, and then I'll really get to work organizing and arranging your vision into a meaningful, manageable plan of action. What do I like to call this? FUN.

"I am beyond grateful for the experience that I had with Christine. She provided clarity and confidence to continue moving forward.  Sometimes we already have a vision brewing in our hearts, but lack the confidence and game plan to take initiative and action. Christine helped me to see that my vision was not 'all over the place' as I'd thought, and she provided measurable steps I could take to get myself going.  I now know clearly where I want to go and what I need to do to get there.  Thank you Christine - for helping me get out of my own way and find my path."
-Jennifer Belthoff

As I build my mentor practice, I'll be developing a series of Mentoring Modules - FREE pdf downloads with all kinds of juicy advice, inspiration, and snippets gleaned from more than twenty years as a creative entrepreneur. 

My Approach to Mentoring

With my patented 18-Step Super Fabulous Action Plan, you'll be living your dream life in just 2 days, because ------- (cue the sound of a record scratch) ------- stop. Stop right there. That's not what I'm talking about here. At all.

Quick-fix formulas and big promises are not what I aim to offer you. What excites me about mentoring is the opportunity to construct a framework that can hold your visions and provide a space for you to bring them to life.

Perhaps right now, whenever you think about something meaningful you'd like to create in your life, it feels like a big box filled with lego pieces - a jumble of ideas, tasks and possibilities feeling cluttered in your brain. This is usually exactly where most of us (that's right - I've been there) get stuck, and this is exactly where I can be of service to you.

Although I am an Artist by trade, I am an Engineer by nature, and I love tinkering with just about anything and organizing it into a meaningful, intuitive, workable, practical design. I find anything well-organized - a linen closet, a website, a business plan - to be a thing of beauty.

In other words, the idea of taking the raw material of your visions - your big pile of lego pieces - and assembling them into a framework that can support and hold your dreams, goals, values, intentions and plans energizes, excites and inspires me. No quick-fix, no tidy "action plan", but a wholly individual, personalized structure...for you.

I am not a professional coach or licensed therapist. My approach is deeply intuitive and based on more than 20 years making dreams real, mentoring other kindred spirits and learning how to navigate the sometimes topsy-turvy experience of being a creative entrepreneur. The kind of soulful, hard-to-define work so many of us are called to do is not for the faint of heart, but it is possible and it is needed, and I'd love to hold up a mirror so you can see how extraordinary you really are.

If you'd like support, encouragement and direction for a dream, idea or vision that's tugging at your heart, let's talk!

May 2016 Update: I am in the process of giving my mentor offering an overhaul, so will not be taking on any new clients until fall 2016. If you would like to be the first to hear about the new offerings, use the form below.

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Why This Work is Important to Me

I believe every single one of us has the ability to be of service to the world, and one of the most impactful, powerful, inspiring ways we can do that is by doing whatever we can to create a meaningful life that reflects our unique voice, visions and dreams.

Whenever someone takes a leap - or even a small step - towards their fullest self-expression and fulfillment, it creates a ripple of inspiration that travels farther than she ever realizes. These are the ripples I love to create, support, encourage and see, and that’s why I love this work.