June 23 - 26, 2016 | Ojai, California

+ an online experience before and after

Plant Dreaming Deep is the title of one of my favorite books by May Sarton. I love the way it gently speaks to the quiet, soulful work that must be done to bring our visions, dreams and longings to life. This is not always easy work, but it is not impossible work - it is time, attention, devotion and love, all of which lifts and energizes not only our lives, but our families, our communities and the world.

Whatever it is you feel tugging at your heart, know this:  The commitment you give to its realization is the greatest gift you can give the world. Too often, ideas and visions come our way, only to be set aside for another time, another day. Even then, the first step is always the greatest challenge, because what should that first step be? How to get started on an idea that feels overwhelming, unorganized, flying in too many directions? If you are ready to dive deep, plant your dreams and share this experience in a safe, supportive circle this spring, now is the time to say yes.

This offering is especially close to my heart, as it gives me the opportunity to dig deep with an intimate circle of women during the time of year when buds are blossoming and the world is filled with new energy and alive-ness. We'll gather online in early June for three weeks of exploration and clarification, join in a circle in Ojai, and then wrap up our time in early July. It will be kind of intense, but we're going to have a great time

This online course + retreat is for you if you...

  • Have a vision you're ready to clarify, organize and make real.
  • Are looking for meaningful support, tools and guidance to chart a course for a specific idea or dream.
  • Would like an intimate, encouraging community of supporters as you take your first steps.
  • You're ready to dive deep, dig in, open up and take a leap.
  • Want to take advantage of the 20+ years of experience I've had with success, failure and everything in between.
  • Like the idea of a multi-faceted, multi-layered structure that culminates with a weekend gathering in Ojai.

All details will be posted right here before the end of 2015.