By the time she was thirty-three years old...

Christine Mason Miller had it all - a thriving career as an artist, a husband who loved her, and a home with an ocean view. In less than a year, it all fell apart. 

After recovering from a year that involved an affair, a divorce, and a cancer diagnosis, she found herself married into a new blended family that forced her to confront all her broken ideas about what it meant to be part of a family. Time and again, she was faced with the same choice: resist it all or see everything as an opportunity for growth and transformation.

Touching upon themes of forgiveness, presence, acceptance, and healing, Moving Water is a testament to the power of everyday choices and the joy of surrendering to love.


"I waited to read Moving Water when I had some time to myself, and I'm glad I did because once I started, I didn't want to stop. This is not only a deeply insightful memoir, written with emotional maturity, compassion and self-awareness, it is also a beautifully written story of a complex yet very relatable modern life and family. Christine uses language skillfully to evoke the inner and outer landscapes of her travels, and portrays her family with loving honesty and good humor."

-Marianne Elliott, Human Rights Advocate and author of Zen Under Fire: A Story of Love and Work in Afghanistan


"Moving Water speaks to anyone facing the pain of ending or blending a family. One woman's intimate search for identity and a healing journey to love, acceptance and belonging."

-Karen Maezen Miller, Buddhist priest and author of Paradise in Plain Sight

"Moving Water is a flowing current of raw, vulnerable honesty during transition. Christine's writing is dangerously transparent - revealing an exploration of difficult emotions and setting an example of relationship-healing in motion."

-Pixie Lighthorse, Founder of SouLodge community and author of Prayers of Honoring


"Christine's heartfelt journey through relationship - family, husband, and business - offers insight to better understand why one's vision may not match reality. She shares struggles, passions, and hard lessons learned along the way. A moving memoir for anyone who has ever felt broken."

-Kimberly WilsonWriter, therapist, and author of Tranquilologie: A DIY Guide to Everyday Tranquility and Tranquilista: Mastering the Art of Enlightened Work and Mindful Play

"Moving Water is an honest and real look at relationships and family life with all of its joys and challenges. It inspires you to stay committed to relationships that matter, to be honest to your life's stories, and to put in the work to any relationship that is struggling. Christine is courageous in her storytelling and shows you how to hope and live with joy even if life doesn't go exactly as you had it planned!"

-Becky Eldredge, Spiritual Director and author of the forthcoming Busy Lives & Restless Souls: How Prayer Can Help You Find the Missing Peace in Your Life

"Moving Water is a testament to the transformation that is possible when we are willing to examine our experiences from a place of honest self-reflection. I loved the way Christine threaded raw, gritty emotions with beautiful insights, and all the ways she enabled me to create detailed images in my head of every scene throughout the book."

-Jen Gray Blackburn, retreat facilitator and co-founder of Animyst


"Moving Water is a vivid meditation. I think the beauty of Christine's work is that we recognize ourselves in her story - we all yearn for some solid ground in our search for the meaning of 'family', and yet if we are wise, we end up creating it for ourselves as we navigate our lifetimes. Christine has done just that. There is well-earned wisdom in Moving Water."

-Jonatha Brooke, singer/songwriter, playwright, author of My Mother Has Four Noses


"I so enjoyed this story of an accomplished beautiful woman finding her way to family and belonging and love. I loved being in Christine's life as she discovered that universal truth: we are so often the ones blocking us from enjoying the life we've built."

-Jennifer Louden, personal growth pioneer and author of the groundbreaking The Woman's Comfort Book

"I'm quite sure it isn't easy to write a book about family, especially when they are sitting in the next room while you put pen to paper. But Christine does it with her usual aplomb. Moving Water feels like it was written as a way for Christine to connect with herself, and in turn, to change the way she was behaving and to transform her belief system about her place in her family. But what she does in the meantime is to allow others to connect with her and THIS is the place where real global transformation can begin."

-Amy Tingle, co-founder of the Creativity Caravan, artist, workshop facilitator, and author of Strange Diary: or How to Make a Collage

"It is not easy or simple to enter the journey of writing a true story, particularly about oneself. Rather, it is a deep and mulchy exercise in wild vulnerability, even nakedness. The work that Christine has done in Moving Water isn't merely ambitious; she provides us an example for what it means to embark on a committed contemplation of our inner and outer journeys as a way of mapping the meaning of our past, making peace with our well-worn narratives, and surrendering our disappointment, pain, and grief in service of self-acceptance, connection, and love."

-Maya Stein, co-founder of the Creativity Caravan, poet, and author of Lost Highways & Living Rooms

"I just finished reading Moving Water and holy s***. It’s pure genius. I felt myself swept along through the stories completely unable to put it down, dying to see what happened next. Christine tells us by her example what’s possible in the super messy relationships that we have in life. This book is going to change people’s lives. It changed mine."

-Laurie Jacobsen, certified life coach and retreat facilitator

"The book’s title Moving Water is an apt description for how I felt moving along with Christine as her story unfolded.  This way, then a little that way.  Always that movement, that flow.  And in that flow of her deeply personal sharing, I felt a certain stillness as well.  It was a quite comfortable stillness, as if she and I were sitting together somewhere and were having an intimate conversation.  The honesty, the rawness, and the resulting joy of Christine and her story are palpable."

-Michelle GD, photographer and writer

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"Moving Water was exactly the medicine I needed. Christine Mason Miller has crafted a heartfelt memoir, in as much the same way that she's crafted her heartfelt life...with hard-earned wisdom, witty prose, her intact and gracious sense of humor, a willingness to dig deep within the folds of her own spirit and consciousness, and with buckets of love to spread around. Let her lessons on family, compassion, boundaries and belonging find their way deep into your own experience, and let her words echo like mantra."

-Michelle Madden-Smithretreat facilitator and co-founder of Animyst

"Moving Water captivated me with beautifully expressed stories from the vulnerable, courageous heart of a radiant, reflective, real woman. Christine’s words reminded me how much each of us matters, how much our seemingly small choices make a difference, and how available love is."

-Amy Siu, life coach and professional organizer

"In Moving Water, Christine Mason Miller weaves a beautiful tapestry of stories about her family, struggles, life, love and what it means to truly find your way back HOME. The book is a graceful reminder of the mysteries Love holds and the magic it bestows when we open up to receive it. It will delicately veer you through the bittersweet ebb and flow of family, love, life and all it holds in between."

-Kolleen Harrison, jewelry designer and author of Soul Hums: Whispered Wisdom from Within

"Moving Water, Christine Mason Miller’s new memoir, is a poetic tale of self discovery amid a uniquely blended family. This book is vulnerable, inspiring, brave and truly heartfelt. I would recommend it to any of my friends."

-Kelly Angelovic, graphic designer and illustrator