Selected Writings

On Turning 45, The D Word, and Saying F*** It, December 30, 2012:  "The zero birthdays have never jolted me much – turning 30 and 40 were welcome milestones, and I embraced them ferociously. It is the fives that give me trouble." 

Surrender, October 3, 2012:   "This year has been about transition – about moving and my husband’s retirement and changes in family dynamics. It has not been about writing a book or planning an art show or getting my passport stamped."

Legacy, July 2, 2011:  "My hidden agenda is to encourage all of us to take a deep breath – to try to take one step away from the idea that there is a finite amount of space for everyone’s voices to be heard."

Engagement, February 10, 2011:  "Once I began to more consciously consider every part of my daily life as contributing to my “most important” work, I began to see everything differently. I saw that picking lemons from the tree in my front yard was rooted to the exact same tree as my work as a writer; I recognized that taking good care of my family was the same thing as taking care of the world. There was no question that the trip I took yesterday to spend an afternoon with a friend was absolutely, positively contributing to my book ~ the book that is due in less than two weeks. Everything is connected ~ all steps are taken on the same path."

Heaven on a Stick, May 20, 2010:   "Maybe in Big Sur I just walk around with little hearts in my eyes, and the fog that blocked our view of just about everything for most of the week – which was cozy and magical in its own quiet way – also managed to seep into that part of me that sometimes believes I need to approach the world and other people with my guard up."

The Journey, April 29, 2010:  "As I was walking back to our hotel – before I made the decision to lay low for the rest of the day – I was thinking about how it has felt being on my own these last three days, for they have been the days my husband has been most occupied with work.  And I thought about an idea I’ve had for a long time, which is the notion that someday I might wander all over the world indefinitely, and might very well do that alone." 

Too Many People Have Loved This Story, April 16, 2010:   "We both knew we needed it – were due for a little bit of a blow-up – but weren’t at all interested in making it anything bigger than what it was, which was one of those moments in a marriage when the perfect combination of moods, timing, low blood sugar and dirty clothes come together to create just enough chaos to remind you both you still love each other."

I So Easily Forget, December 7, 2009:   "Many of the things I do will never make it on a list of Major Accomplishments, but in the end more of them will end up on a list of things that Made A Difference than I will ever realize.  I so easily forget that."

In Every Journey, August 24, 2009:  "In every journey there will be love, there will be tears, there will be hunger and there will be questions."

Sometimes, March 30, 2009:   "Every journey changes us – every step we take away from our comfort zone is capable of shifting our perspective of the world and our place in it."