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How can thirty-one days in India change a person’s soul? In a country with 1.2 billion residents who speak twenty-three languages—one that is halfway around the world from her home—author Christine Mason Miller discovers a place of deep, abiding faith that affirms her spiritual journey around every corner, teaching her what it means to embrace what is,  to live in gratitude, and to surrender to the flow of each moment.

Book Details:

5.83 x 8.27 Softcover, 198 pages

28 stories | 7 illustrations | 100+ photographs | 4 recipes

Foreword by Pixie Lighthorse | Recipes by Meredith Klein


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What does it mean to find God and gratitude in India? Author Christine Mason Miller shares how it unfolded for her in The Meandering River of Unfathomable Joy. With full-color photographs, illustrations, and recipes, every page inspires! Order a signed copy at

Author Christine Mason Miller offers a soulful, prayerful glimpse of her time in India with The Meandering River of Unfathomable Joy - a beautiful book I’m happy to support! Order a signed copy at

Take an inspiring journey along the streets of India through Christine’s stories, photographs, and recipes in The Meandering River of Unfathomable Joy. Order a signed copy at

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Photo by Lisa Field

Photo by Lisa Field

Photo by Morgan Wade

Photo by Morgan Wade