Writing and crafting a memoir is a wholly unique experience.

While writing any kind of book can be a daunting endeavor, with memoir we're required to dive deep into our own life stories in order to provide the reader with a sensory experience of our memories, our feelings, and our perspectives. How do we show and not just tell? How do we write truthfully and compassionately? How do we break through the fears of upsetting potential readers or confronting our more difficult stories? 

The purpose of this day-long workshop is to provide soulful support, intuitive inspiration, and practical tools to guide you along the journey of writing and crafting a memoir.

Workshop topics and discussions:

  • Exploring experiences to write about - story brainstorms
  • Choosing - and honoring - core values for your memoir - your compass points in the editing process
  • Mind mapping your memoir - getting a broad view of all its possibilities
  • Embracing the crappy first draft - why it's important, why it's OK that it's crappy
  • Writing about the hard stuff - and overcoming fears associated with it
  • Battling Resistance - learning how to use it to your advantage
  • Developing a consistent writing practice - knowing when to stay in your seat
  • What your book will look and feel like - getting those details out of your head

Participants will leave with:

  • A substantive list of story ideas to kickstart the memoir writing process
  • Clarity on core values to guide you along the memoir editing and crafting process
  • A mind map of your memoir - something you can turn to again and again during the memoir writing process for ideas, inspiration, and as a tool to break through writing blocks and moments of feeling "stuck."
  • The main ingredients to craft a complete story, including main facts, sensory details, different perspectives, and reflections (aka a crappy first story draft!)
  • Tools for battling Resistance and using it a compass to point you toward your strongest, most meaningful stories and details
  • A clear vision of what your book will look and feel like (a great way to begin to develop a relationship with your book)
  • Insights, stories, and reflections from my own memoir-writing experience, which has been full of unexpected, profoundly transformative surprises

Bring your story to life.