Wild Roots, Sacred Wings

September 29 - October 3, 2016 | Ojai, California


Come sit by the fire loves, cocooned in friendship with a coven of imaginative, inspired, luminescent butterflies. Relax or get wild, lay your sweet head down and rest, or create and explore, sing a song with the rest of us welcoming fireflies. We are so excited to sit in a circle with you.

"Wild Roots, Sacred Wings answered a prayer I didn't have the words to form. It was a delicious feast for my mind, body, and soul that took place in a circle of kindred spirits. Our talented guides shared ways to deepen our awareness of what is most sacred to each of us, and held space for us to explore how we can manifest those things in our everyday lives. I continue to use these tools almost daily with a greater appreciation for my life and those with whom I share it. I am eternally grateful I answered the call to attend this beautiful retreat!"
{Anna Oginsky, Creator of Heart Connected}

This retreat is for you if you...

  • Are longing to sit in a sacred circle, connect with like-minded women and tap into your inner voice and wisdom through guided creative activities and projects.
  • Are in need of a restful, restorative environment to refuel your body, mind and spirit.
  • Feel called to be part of the Wild Roots, Sacred Wings community, one that has been forming and expanding since 2014.
  • Crave silence, stillness and maybe a good dose of solitude.
  • Long for the opportunity to open the channel to your creative spirit and let your expressions run wild.

Click here for details on our Ojai gathering.