By the time she was thirty-three years old, Christine Mason Miller had it allβ€”a thriving career as an artist, a husband who loved her, and a home with an ocean view. In less than a year, it all fell apart.

After recovering from a year that involved an affair, a divorce, and a cancer diagnosis, she found herself married into a new blended family that forced her to confront all her broken ideas about what it meant to be part of a family. Time and again, she was faced with the same choice: resist everything or choose to see it all as an opportunity for growth and transformation.

"I am surrounded by spiritual teachers, and I, too, am one of those teachers. I didn’t arrive in this circle with nothing to offer but came with gifts of my own, too many of which I initially believed were fatal flaws and defects. Once I pulled back the curtain on the parts of myself and my history that I saw as shameful, sad, and miserable, I encountered not a mudslide of grief but rather a gentle gush of compassionβ€”for myself. Being willing to shine a light on all of it enabled me to see all the ways my losses and longings can either serve or hinder me as I try to create a family. Learning to move around my emotional boulders like water, rather than through them like a jackhammer, directed me straight toward what I’d been seeking all along."

Touching upon themes of forgiveness, presence, acceptance, and healing, Moving Water is a testament to the power of everyday choices and the joy of surrendering to love.