I've been in the inspiration business...

...for more than 20 years, and while it's true I've managed to make a lot of dreams real and inspire a few souls along the way, I usually feel challenged when someone asks "what I do." I don't have a pocket-sized job title that encapsulates my work in the world, how everything I create, organize and offer are connected by a core foundation that has supported me since the beginning.

I am a writer who loves exploring what it means to love, to forgive, to be alive.
I am an artist with a mission to encourage others to create a meaningful life.
I am an engineer of creative spaces, an organizer of intimate gatherings.
I love beauty. I am a seeker. I believe wisdom can be found in ordinary, everyday moments.

My deep belief is that every time someone honors their own wisdom and self-expression, they lift the world and light the way for others. When one person takes a leap, she inspires others around her to do the same, and the ripple of inspiration expands from there. The world needs us to do our most meaningful work, to live the life our soul longs for.

"Christine is a brilliant artist and writer. All that she does is filled with passion and warmth.
She is a beautiful teacher and has a way of making all around her feel seen and loved.”
{Kolleen Harrison, Artist and Designer}

Something Else I'd Like You to Know

I recently completed Moving Water, a memoir of the spiritual journey I've taken with my families (there have been a few!) It is the story of the realization that came to me on an otherwise mundane afternoon after my divorce that it was time to grow up, the promise I made to myself that day and the choices I made after that, most especially with the blended family I stepped into that same year. Touching upon themes of forgiveness, personal responsibility, commitment, acceptance, redemption and compassion, the book is a testament to all the gifts that are available to us at any given moment - even on our darkest days, even through our biggest struggles.

"It is still a practice, but I am learning  - about the surprising ways of love, the freedom in responsibility and the unexpected places joy swooshes in out of nowhere and sweeps away my sorrows, my sins, my skepticism." - excerpt

The Official Ten-Point Bio

  • I've been creating, writing and exploring ever since I was a little girl. My mission to inspire has provided the foundation for a body of work that has generated seven figures in retail sales through commercial illustration, licensing, gallery exhibits, writing, teaching and speaking.
  • My career officially began in 1995 with the creation of an independent greeting card line called Swirlywhich evolved into an internationally known brand with more than 1200 retailers and clients, including Target, Barnes + Noble, JoAnn Fabrics and the Girl Scouts of America. Swirly was licensed for a wide array of gift, stationery and home decor items and my illustrated gift book Plant Your Dreams and the Miracles will Grow was translated into three languages.
  • I have authored and contributed to an array of inspiring books, including Ordinary Sparkling Moments: The Art of Finding Yourself, self-published in 2008 and re-released by North Light Books in 2015.
  • After shifting gears into original mixed media artwork in 2005, I organized or participated in over a dozen gallery shows and exhibits, mainly in Los Angeles.
  • My passion and experience engineering creative spaces includes poetry workshops, bookmaking classes, book release parties and sold out retreats in New Orleans, Ojai and at Esalen Institute in Big Sur.
  • Moving Water - a spiritual memoir about the journey I've taken with my families (as there have been a few) was just completed - a creative journey I've been on for more than two years.
  • You can find my byline in print publications such as Bella GraceSomerset LifeSomerset Studio and Mabel Magazine. My essays have also been featured in Skirt! magazine, and I have interviewed a long list of artists, visionaries, filmmakers, writers and one Buddhist priest including Melody RossJen LeeJennette NielsenPixie Lighthorse and Karen Maezen Miller.

For the Record...

I have also stumbled, screwed up, spoken too soon, acted too late, been rejected, denied and excluded. In a word, I've failed. Again and again. And those experiences have been just as valuable as all the shiny, pretty highlights listed above. The success of my career - and life - is not measured only by the things that look "successful", but also by the moments and experiences that encouraged me to take a deep breath, acknowledge my own culpability, question the assumptions I was making and dare to step forward on an entirely new path. It is, in fact, those revisions and transformations I cherish most. 

"I have made dreams real and moved forty times and fractured a vertebrae and traveled around the world and self-published a book and rescued a hummingbird and dented a few cars and hugged my family and raised a puppy and driven across country and witnessed three births and gathered my friends and folded laundry and created art and written stories and laughed and cried and hula-hooped and sipped tea and wrapped presents and mailed letters and I was even a cheerleader in high school.
And what I believe is that it has all really been about the same thing - telling stories, encouraging joy and creating havens. Constructing and nurturing spaces, gatherings, businesses, communities, brands and containers that inspire healing, transformation, and showing up to be in service to the world's relentless need for our unique voice in the world."