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Christine Mason Miller is a Santa Barbara based writer and artist who has been creating, writing and exploring ever since she was a little girl.  Her mission to inspire has provided the foundation for a body of work that has generated seven figures in retail sales through commercial illustration, licensing, gallery exhibits, writing, teaching and speaking.


The Journey

Christine began her career in 1995 with the creation of an independent greeting card line called Swirlywhich evolved into an internationally known brand with more than 1200 retailers and clients, including Target, Barnes + Noble, JoAnn Fabrics and the Girl Scouts of America. Swirly was licensed for a wide array of gift, stationery and home decor items and her illustrated gift book Plant Your Dreams and the Miracles will Grow was translated into three languages.


After exhibiting her original mixed media work in galleries and shows across the country, Christine's second book - Ordinary Sparkling Moments: Reflections on Success and Contentment - was self-published in 2008. Combining her artwork with essays on finding wisdom in everyday life, the book led to Christine's second licensed gift and stationery line - The Christine Mason Miller Collection. 

Christine's third book - Desire to Inspire - Using Creative Passion to Transform the World - was published by North Light Books in 2011 with stories, insights and snippets from twenty contributors including Pixie Campbell, Liz Kalloch and Mary Anne Radmacher.

Christine is very excited to announce a second edition of Ordinary Sparkling Moments will be published by North Light Books in the fall of 2015.


Throughout her career, Christine has organized countless retreats and gatherings with some of the community's leading artists, authors and change-makers - creating spaces, environments, gallery shows and circles that have inspired transformative healing, visionary collaborations and passionate artistic expression.

"I have made dreams real and moved forty times and fractured a vertebrae and traveled around the world and self-published a book and rescued a hummingbird and dented a few cars and hugged my family and raised a puppy and driven across country and witnessed three births and gathered my friends and folded laundry and created art and written stories and laughed and cried and hula-hooped and sipped tea and knitted scarves and wrapped presents and mailed letters and I was even a cheerleader in high school.

And what I know is that it has all really been about the same thing - creating havens. Creating spaces, gatherings, businesses, communities, brands and containers that inspire healing, transformation, and stepping more fully into the truth of the world's relentless need for our unique voice in the world."

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